Doc McStuffins Matching Game, Great gift for Doc fans in my opinion

A couple of days ago. I'm looking for information on the Doc McStuffins Matching Game, so i would like to describe here.

Doc McStuffins Matching Game

This classic game of picture matching features Doc McStuffins Lambie Hallie and more. Flip over tiles find matches and collect the most pairs to win Wonder Forge offers more than 80 games puzzles and apps created in partnership with some of the industryx2019s top licenses and honored with more than 130 prestigious awards for product excellence. Our games celebrate the "can do" .... Read more or Check Price

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The opinions of the customers who bought this item

My grandson loves the smaller games and this is a good educational exercise for her. She is two and the game is not too difficult for her. by She Eagle

"My 2 1 / 2 year old son loves Doc loves and match the cards""My 2 1 / figlio di 2 anni ama Doc e ama corrispondere le carte""""""it""My 2"1truefalse700020"1"2truetrue872230"/"3falsetrue920340"2 year old son"4falsefalse1000480"loves"5truefalse999890"Doc"6truefalse9749100"loves"7truefalse97410110"and"8truefalse97411120"match"9truefalse97312130"the cards"10truefalse84713150"My 2"1"My 2"700truefalse"My 2 in"0truefalse04"My 2 1 / figlio di 2 anni ama Doc e ama corrispondere le carte""1"2"1"872truetrue"1st"0truefalse"one"0truefalse"the 1st"0truefalse"first"0truefalse56"""/"3"/"920falsetrue78"""figlio di 2 anni"4"2 year old son"1000falsefalse"2yr old"0falsefalse"2 years old son"0falsefalse925"""ama"5"loves"999truefalse"loves to"0truefalse"likes"0truefalse"likes to"0truefalse"he loves"0truefalse2629"""Doc"6"Doc"974truefalse3033"""ama"7"loves"974truefalse"love"0truefalse"loves to"0truefalse"likes"0truefalse"he loves"0truefalse3639"""e"8"and"974truefalse3435"""corrispondere"9"match"973truefalse"correspond"0truefalse"to correspond"0truefalse"pay"0truefalse"reflect"0truefalse4053"""le carte"10"the cards"847truefalse"cards"147truefalse"card"0truefalse"papers"0truefalse"the papers"0truefalse5462"""My 2 1 / figlio di 2 anni ama D'oc e ama corrispondere le carte"6"it"65. My 5 1 / 2 year old son also likes to play this with his. by LiaLia

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