Review Disney Doc McStuffins Operation Game, They loved the game

A yesterday. I search for information on the Disney Doc McStuffins Operation Game, so i have to tell.

Disney Doc McStuffins Operation Game

Doc McStuffinsx2014Operation Doc McStuffins Operation combines the silly fun of the classic Operation game with Doc McStuffins and her friends. You be Doc McStuffins and help fix Lambie Chilly and Hallie's boo-boos by carefully removing them with tweezers and placing a bandage on the empty space. Be careful. If you touch the sides of the boo-boo pocket with the tweezers a red .... Read more or Check Price

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The kids enjoyed for a short time. Are 406 so maybe they are still young . by Lesley Sadol

delivered on time my daughter loves it.I remember this game as a child and she loves cartoons in perfect shape . by Glades Girl

This game is a lot easier than the game to normal operation making it ideal for young fans doc There are cards just choose which piece you want to remove from one of ... by Aliza's Mom

Purchased last year for 3 children for Christmas. They loved the game. So I bought more this year for a different set of children ( 5-8 years ) by LR

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